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I began my career as a hairstylist in Windsor, Ontario. I graduated from Windsor hairstyling school in 1983. My experience involved training in and shadowing for salons and barbershops.

This is how I learned the skills needed to provide excellent and top-notch haircare services. In 2003 my family relocated to Calgary, Alberta.

There, I obtained my Red Seal Journeyman Certification and brought my credentials to a whole new level. Until this day, I continue to update my salon education, style, and technique.

I am delighted to work as an independent contractor providing personalized haircare to residents of senior living facilities and to those who are homebound. One aspect of my profession that I consider my favourite is that it never feels like work. Every day is different, and I enjoy meeting new people and making them feel good.

In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and gourmet cooking. I also like watching golf, movies, and throwing Frisbees with my husband, Duane, and our family.

Mission Statement

Your satisfaction and convenience is my top priority. As a professional hairstylist, my goal is to provide high-quality haircare services for seniors in and around the Southwest of Calgary.

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